You have two options to make payment:

Option 1:

By Credit Card or Paypal.

You will be charged US$115 + US$1 (Shipping Fee) = US$116.00

Option 2:

Bank Account Transaction.

You need to bank-in: RM399 + RM 5 (Shipping Fee) = RM404.00.

Account Number: 0509 0048 7515 28
Acount Holder's Name: Yew Seng Han

Account Number: 1050 5603 8332
Acount Holder's Name: Yew Seng Han

After you have completed the bank transaction, please follow the simple steps below:

Write an email to us at billing[add] (replace [add] with @). Please include the following details in your email:

Title: Payment made for Revelation Rewards (Desire Gold Edition) at [payment time and date]

Email content

Payment Date: dd/mm/yyyy
Payment Time: hh:mm am/pm
Full Name:
Mailing Address:
Contact Number: (with international code)


Title: Payment made for Revelation Rewards (Desire Gold Edition) at 12.00pm, 23 Aug 2009.


Payment Date: 23/08/2009
Payment Time:
12:00 pm
Full Name:
Ali bin Ahmad
Mailing Address:
123, Taman Bahagia,
09000 Alor Setar,
Kedah, Malaysia.
Contact Number:+6012-3456789

Note: Please attach a softcopy of your transaction receipt as a proof of your payment.

Once you have completed your payment process, you will be receiving one Revelation Rewards (Desire Gold Edition) booklet by postage (Courier Service) and a health ebook titled 100 Effective Tips How to Sleep Soundly At Night by email within 5 working days.

Please make sure the contact number, mailing address and email address that you give are working and correct.