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Dear friend.

Dennis Yew I am Dennis Yew. I am here to introduce you a jaw-dropping deal to you. It is not a typical traveling package. It is the BRAND-NEW COMBINATION PACKAGES! I hope you are patient enough to read this page to the end, which might take you only 5 minutes but expose you to an UNBELIEVABLE TRAVELING OFFER ON EARTH!

What kind of holiday trip would you expect that costs you RM399 (about US$115)? A 3-day 2-night trip for two persons to Genting Highland, staying in a 5 star hotel? Or a 3-day 2-night trip for two persons to Pattaya/Phuket/Bali, staying in a very budgeted hotel, with very low quality accomodation services?

Can you own both trips at only RM399?

When you book your trip with conventional tour agencies, what freebies will they offer you? A traveling bag? An umbrella? A mug? Do you really NEED them?

Can you request the travel agency to give you a free blood test or personal training sessions for heath? Or perhaps a free investment seminar conducted by really professional experts? I can bet, they most probably think that YOU ARE CRAZY!

Value for your money

In this economic crisis world, what can you buy with RM399? Perhaps you can buy a still-considered-luxury watch, a pair of branded sports shoes, a pair of normal spectacles, a normal television set, or an X-branded theater system. However, the values of these stuff depreciate immediately at the moment you buy them!

So, what can you do with RM399, so that you can spend them at the worthiest ever manner?


I have a good news for you!
With REVELATION REWARDS (Desire Gold Edition), you can be sure that your RM399 is spent at the greatest worthiest way!

REVELATION REWARDS (Desire Gold Edition) booklet

By spending only RM399, you can get:

5-Day-4-Night Bali, Phuket or Pattaya stay in hotel and resort for 2 adults.

Market price
RM 100++/night

2-Day-1-Night stay in a 5 star hotel in Klang Valley. Market price
about RM 350

3-Day-2-Night stay in special resort in Malaysia chosen from a wide selection. Market price
about RM 150/night

Up to US$500 discount to Fiji Island stay in 5 star resort. Save your money
up to US$ 500

Buy-one-free-one cruise ticket offer Market price
RM 1,500/person

Free Blood Test (1 person). Market price
about RM 100

3 free personal training sessions (1 hr/session) at your own home. Market price
RM 120-150/hr

"How to Go From Broke to Millionaire Within 3 Years" one full day seminar by Marco Robinson (1 person). Market price
RM 1,699

One Day Option Trading Investment Seminar OR Two Day Property Investment Seminar (1 person). Market price
up to RM 2,995

1 hour free flying lesson (1 person).

Market price
Member fee
RM 3,800

for 1 person.

Instant access to over 45,000 resorts worldwide at the cheapest prices available in the world or your money back. Market price

Own them all at one price: RM399!

Think you might not have enough time to enjoy all the privilages? Not a problem at all, because they are transferable! You can give some to your parents, your siblings, your children (if they are adults), your relatives, even your friends.

Wondering this is a scam? PROTON, CITIBANK, RHB, SENHENG, TOYOTA and many other big companies already buy REVELATION REWARDS (Desire Gold Edition) and give it to their customers as rewards.

Some of the companies that purchase REVELATION REWARDS.

But wait, I still do not feel this offer the worthiest for you. I want to give you another freebie, which is also practised by conventional traveling agencies as well. It is not a traveling bag, an umbrella nor a mug which you don't really need them and waste your store room space.

By purchasing
you can get a health ebook titled
100 Effective Tips How to Sleep Soundly At Night
worth US$49.99
for FREE!

100 effective tips how to sleep soundly at night

PS: This is a limitted time offer. I wrote the book myself and planned to sell it at US$49.99. However, I have decided to give it free of charge if you buy REVELATION REWARDS (Desire Gold Edition) from me. Grab it now before I changed my mind!

PSS:I am building up a new website to sell this ebook. It probably takes me about 1 month to fully develop a website. Once the website is completed, I might remove this offer from here.

PSSS:I told my girlfriend about my decision on this special offer. She became mad and said I am crazy. We almost quarrelled about it and finally I "surrender" in this fight. However, I still secretly put this offer here. Hurry, grab this opportunity before she found it. Once she found this website, I will have to remove this offer.

REVELATION REWARDS (Desire Gold Edition)


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"Super lifestyle program, i love it because it allows people to do what they always wanted to do for a fraction of what it normally cost, i would definitely recommend it!"

-Alex Yoong(Former F1 driver)-

"I attended this seminar "Going from zero to Millionaire in 3 years" as it was part of the Desire Program Voucher which I'm sure its money worth spent.

This program was an eye opener for me especially when they share how to invest on properties and make money from the investment. Brief exposure in Option Trading and FOREX was also share in this seminar.

This was the most informative seminar I have attended."

-Annandass Joseph, Terengganu-

"This program is REAL VALUE FOR MONEY. I love travelling and my last
trip to Bali using the voucher was GREAT. The hotel was beautiful"

-Lee Lian Koo, Kuala Lumpur-

"I have been looking for a program like this for a long time. Desire enables me to experience the lifestyle that i have always wanted without burning a hole in my pocket. I am definitely recommending this program to all my friends and family."

-Mary O. Robinson, Sri Hartamas-

"Compare to hotel membership, I still prefer Desire voucher from Max Generation as i am able to enjoy more benefits and it cost only RM399!
Value for my money."

-Anand, Klang-

"An extraordinary program that only cost me a fraction of dollars which
enable me to enjoy all twelve amazing benefits that suits my lifestyle.
It's simply desirable!

-Dalton, Malacca-

"Considering all the packages offered, the voucher is quite affordable.
Great customer service. Every inquiries were given prompt and accurate
response. Overall, i am very satisfied."

-Mohd. Faishal b. Badulrudin, Perak-

"The voucher saves cost considering the many packages offered inside."

-Nurul Hidayah bt. Zulkarnain, Putrajaya-

" Extremely great benefits. The booking process is very easy compared to
other membership programs"

-Syahrizal b. Busu, PJ-

REVELATION REWARDS (Desire Gold Edition)


Grab this golden opportunity to enjoy great saving in your memorable vacations!




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